Accommodation conditions


1. Cancellation of the reservation, withdrawal from the contract prior to the start of accommodation, failure to attend the accommodation
If the guest fails to pay the deposit duly and on time, the reservation of accommodation will be canceled in vain if the advance invoice has not expired, unless agreed otherwise.
If the credit card is not provided or the credit card does not have the funds to pre-authorize the amount of accommodation, the landlord has the right to cancel the reservation.
The guest is entitled to withdraw from the accommodation contract before the date of commencement of accommodation, even without giving any reason. The landlord is entitled in this case to charge the guest a cancellation fee, the rate of the cancellation fee is set as follows:
Cancel fees
Reservation canceled: Cancellation fee:
3– 3 days before the start of the stay 0% of the total price
3 - 0 days before the start of the stay 100% of the total price
"Non refundable" = Non-refundable booking 100% of the total price

1. General provisions
Guest accommodation at Terrace Hotel Prague is subject to the general terms and conditions and does not exclude the possibility of individual agreements. The accommodation agreement (contract) arises when the guest accepts a written or oral order.
Both the accommodation provider and the guest may agree to pay a prepayment of 70% of the total amount for the stay. The landlord is also entitled to request payment of the whole amount in advance. The guest is obliged to pay the deposit within the time limit and according to the payment conditions sent by the landlord.
A deposit is not required only for stays booked five or less calendar days before the day of arrival. In this case, the guest is obliged to pay the full price of the stay on the spot at the time of arrival, ie check-in or full payment
* Start and end of stay
The guest has the right to check in from 2pm to 8pm Monday to Friday or from 2pm to 4pm on weekends and public holidays. The landlord has the right to postpone the start time due to technical problems in the hotel or the room itself. The change of the accommodation time must be duly notified to the guests in person, by telephone, by text message or by e-mail. The landlord has the right to withdraw from the agreement (contract, order) if the guest does not start the stay by 20.00 a week or by 4 pm on the weekend of the agreed arrival day, unless a later arrival time has been individually agreed.
If the guest has paid a deposit for the stay, the room will be reserved until 20.00 on the agreed day of arrival, unless another arrival time is reported in advance. If the guest requests a room earlier than 10.00 on the first day, the previous night is considered first and the accommodation provider is entitled to charge the previous night.
The guest is obliged to leave the room on the day of departure no later than 10.00. If the guest requests an extension of the accommodation on the day of the agreed departure until 3 pm, the accommodation provider will charge 50% of the price of accommodation for the following night. In the event that the guest requests an extension of accommodation on the day of agreed departure after 3 pm, the landlord will charge 100% of the price of accommodation for the following night.
* Operating rights, hotel opening hours and general accommodation rules
Accommodation services can be provided year-round, including public holidays.
Hotel opening hours:
Monday- Friday: 8.00 - 20.00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 8.00 - 16.00
Outside reception opening hours, staff are only available on the telephone number +420 602 80 81 85.
Accommodation at the Terrace Hotel Prague is possible from the age of 18 with a valid photo ID (passport / passport). Persons under 18 years of age cannot be accommodated without the written consent of their parents or legal guardian.
A deposit may be required from each guest in the value of 2000 to 8000, -CZK. The guest is obliged to deposit the security deposit upon the request of the landlord upon arrival at the accommodation facility.
The deposit may be used to cover the damage incurred by the accommodation provider at the time of the guest's stay. The landlord is obliged to issue an invoice for property damage or for breach of the accommodation facility rules. When using the deposit to pay the invoice, the landlord is obliged to return the difference in the amount. In case of damage greater than the deposit, the guest is obliged to pay the amount on the invoice.
Foreign guests are not allowed in the rooms unless otherwise reported to the reception. Guest must not accept visits to the accommodation without the consent of the accommodation provider. Exceptionally, the landlord may allow room visits, which must be properly recorded in the guestbook at the front desk. Visits can only be received in the lobby.
The landlord has the right to inspect the room at any time and the guest is obliged to provide the landlord with the room and information about how many persons are staying in the room. In the case that the landlord has the suspicion that more people are staying in the room than reported in the guest book is entitled to request the guest to pay additional people who stayed in the room. The amount is set out in paragraph 7.
The landlord reserves the right to refuse to accommodate any guest who shows gross, vulgar or aggressive behavior on staff or other guests.
The hotel is not allowed to carry its own equipment (duvets, dishes, appliances, larger electronics ,.) without the consent of the reception or hotel management.
*The hotel is responsible for the items brought in without restriction. Exceptions are jewelry, money and other valuables if the damage was not caused by hotel employees. By the Government No. 258/1995 Coll., implementing the Civil Code, the hotel is liable for damage only up to CZK 2,000, unless the mentioned items have been taken into a deposit (such as the hotel safe).
* Fines and surcharges
1. Canceling night rest ............................................... ...................................... 2550, -CZK / 100 €
2. Use of unauthorized electronics or equipment without the consent of the reception .............. 500, - CZK / 20 €
3. Damage to hotel or building property (depending on the extent of damage) ..... 1000-30.000, -CZK / 40-1177 €
4. Late departure
• Departure until 15.00 = 50% of the following night
• departure after 3 pm = 100% of the price of the following night
5. Smoking in the room ............................................... ............................................ 2550, - CZK / 100 €
6. Extra person / extra bed .............................................. ......................... 1500, -CZK / night..60 € / night
7. Animal in the room ............................................... ...................................... 500, -CZK / night..20 € / night
In the event of non-payment of any fine on the spot, the landlord has the right to require the customer for each subsequent day of non-payment of the invoice the amount of 5% higher than the total amount on the invoice.
These General Terms and Conditions came into force and effect as of 1 January 2018